Go Beyond Luxury With the First Amethyst iPhone Case

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You’ve got the best phone out there. Might as well have the most luxurious case that you can buy.

MIKOL, a maker of cases for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, has just outdone itself – and perhaps everyone else – by manufacturing the first ever Amethyst iPhone Case.

So what’s so special about an Amethyst iPhone Case when there are marble cases that look great and titanium cases that will ensure your iPhone survives the apocalypse?

It’s a gemstone from the quartz family. For centuries, the amethyst has been regarded as the most beautiful of quartzes, making it priceless.

As such, using it as material for an iPhone case does go beyond “normal luxury”.

One thing you cannot deny is that the case looks gorgeous.

amethyst iphone case

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear “My precioussss…” in your head if you owned one of them. After all, this gem of a case doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of – wait for it – $699.99!

I’m just going to leave that number there. You can mull over it.

There are some things money can’t buy, but the Amethyst iPhone Case isn’t one of them. For this, there’s MasterCard. One with a good credit limit.

Check it out here.

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