The Case for Apple for Small Businesses

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Traditionally, small businesses lean toward using PCs instead of Macs for their operations. And why not? Everyone uses (used) PCs, and we all know that these devices are cheaper than Macs. Why would any small business owner go out into the unknown and take a bite of another apple?
Apple for Small Businesses
Well, the times they are a-changin’, and there really is a strong case for the use of Apple for small businesses. Here are a few.

iDevices are becoming more ubiquitous.

Look around you. How many iPhones, iPods, and iPads do you see? You probably couldn’t count the number of people using these devices around you at any given time. We have to face it – iDevices are becoming more and more “normal”, and business owners can use this to their advantage. If a small business owner is already using an iPhone or iPad on the go, then it makes a lot of sense to use a Mac as well.

iCloud is one big reason. If you do business activities on your mobile device, isn’t it much more convenient to be able to sync that device easily with your desktop computer/laptop?

iWork is now free!

One of the common reasons we hear against switching to Mac is that software is expensive (not to mention the hardware!). Well, here’s a nice development: Apple just made some of its key programs FREE.

And, for small business owners, word processing software and spreadsheets are some of the most important. Guess what? Apple’s version of Word and Excel are now free as well. Sure, there is still a gap between the functionalities, but for most purposes, iWork works just as well.


One of the major concerns of small business owners is IT support. The excellent thing about Apple is they really do go all out when it comes to support. Whether you’re talking about hardware or software, you’re pretty much covered. Additionally, the argument that third party IT support for Apple products is hard to come by does not apply anymore, as there is no lack of service providers for this today.

The experience

This is perhaps the best argument for small businesses to go Mac. We’re an Apple site, so you already know that we are huge fans of the brand. Bias aside, however, Mac products just do the job. The experience Apple offers with its products are second to none, and even the least tech savvy businessman will easily fall into the pattern of relying on Apple to make sure that the hardware and software work, without asking too much of the user.

The next time you consider IT equipment for the business, you might want to finally consider making that switch. You won’t regret it. Here’s the link for Apple for business to prod you along.

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