Why Settle for Plastic When You Can Have a Marble iPhone Case?

marble iphone case

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Marble is beautiful. I think we can all agree on that; but real marble can’t be used as an iPhone case, can it?

It will probably break at the slightest fall. Or maybe even when you try to put it on/take it off your phone.

Think again.

The guys at Native Union have found a way to take the natural beauty of marble, make it into an iPhone case, and ensure that the case is shatter resistant.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Dubbed the CLIC Marble, this marble iPhone case is designed for the iPhone 6.

Its makers have amazingly made the case only 0.8mm thick; and to make sure it doesn’t break, the marble is laminated to a layer of fiberglass.

Additionally, the marble iPhone case retains the natural veins of marble slices/slabs, making each one unique.

marble iphone case

CLIC Marble truly does look beautiful and if it performs as well as the designers say, it is indeed the result of amazing work.

“At Native Union we always try to push the limits of creativity, taking inspiration from the techniques and materials used by other industries to pioneer something new and original. CLIC Marble reimagines one of the most revered natural materials in history, transforming a raw block of marble into a remarkably thin slice.” ~ Fabien Nauroy, Native Union’s Head of Design

Beautiful. Thin. Durable.

How much will this baby set you back?

The CLIC Marble case costs $79.99 and is available in black and white. Pricey, yes, but not more than many other cases available.

The case ships starting May 25. Order your CLIC Marble case here.

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