4 Ultrathin iPhone 6 Cases for Those Who Don’t Like Using iPhone Cases

thin iPhone 6 cases
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For people who instinctively buy a case every time they get a new iPhone, the idea of NOT using a case probably has never occured to them. For the average person, though, I dare say that there is an intermittent battle between wanting to have a case to protect that not-so-cheap phone and using a nude iPhone so as to fully appreciate its beauty.

Whatever group you fall under, I trust that ultrathin iPhone 6 cases will always be a consideration. And, if you really, really, don’t like using iPhone cases, then here are some options which will give your phone enough protection while at the same time preserving its look and feel as much as possible.

Snugg iPhone 6 Leather Ultra Thin Case in Black

ultrathin iphone 6 cases

I am using a Snugg case right now, and while it’s not leather, it really does keep the phone as thin as possible while still offering some protection. (Yeah, I’ve dropped the phone a couple of times.) The Snugg iPhone 6 Leather Ultra Thin Case in Black looks good while keeping it thin. Even better, it has a lifetime guarantee. You can’t ask for more than that, can you?

Insignia iPhone 6 Clear Case

ultrathin iphone 6 cases

The Insignia iPhone 6 Clear Case is a great choice because of its transparency. You still get to see what the iPhone really looks like, while having a certain degree of protection.

Tech21 iPhone 6 Case Classic Shell

thin iPhone 6 cases
Image via chipchick.com

Tech21 is known for its highly protective cases due to its innovative material. Reviews have been consistently good in this regard, and even more impressive is how thin and snug-fitting their cases are. So if you want the perfect balance between protection and sleekness, this is the case for you.



Not exactly iPhone cases, Bumpies nonetheless serve the same purpose. Their motto, “Freedom from Cases – Minimalist, sleek design beautifully protects without the flaws of traditional phone cases: overheating, reduced signal strength, muffled speaker volume, and buildup of harmful dirt and dust,” pretty much says it all.

Any other recommendations for iPhone 6 cases along the same lines?

If you don’t mind bulk, here you go:

The Best Case Ever: “iPhone 6 Crazy Case Batmobile”

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