Apple releases 1.1.2 Update for iPhone…or they will…today…sort of.


You know, sometimes I am just blown away by Apple fandom. I mean, seriously, what other group of people would find the iPhone update through a Terminal connection, download the file before its officially released, move it into their iTunes Library folder and install it – and all so they can enjoy ZERO new features.

The iPhone update has not appeared in iTunes yet for me. I do not know if it is appearing in other parts of the world right now, but it if you’re not seeing it yet – don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The update will officially be released today, and for those of you that have added 3rd party support to the iPhone – if you update expect those applications to no longer work.



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  1. You didn’t mentioned that the iPod Touch update 1.1.2 adds the Calender Entry feature!

    This is great for all of us NON-iPhone users. A very welcome feature!