The popSLATE iPhone Case Might Be the Smartest Case Alive

popSLATE iPhone case

We’ve discovered all sorts of iPhone cases and covered our fair share of them. From the cool Lumenati CS1 Smartcase (which takes you the old school route) to the Monster Selfie Case (which I won’t comment on in this post) to the just plain stupid iPhone 6 Gun Case – we’ve seen them in all shapes and sizes.

But there’s a new kid in the block, which just might blow us all away with its smarts.

Forget smart covers. It looks like smart cases are going to be the next big thing.

The popSLATE iPhone case seems to be the first of its kind, with it being sort of a phone in itself. The most interesting – and perhaps best – thing about it is its capability to add a second screen to your iPhone. Just like the YotaPhone, the second screen of the popSLATE iPhone case is e-ink.

iphone smartcase

It’s being sold on Amazon for $129 (free shipping) in black and white. If the price is making you think twice, take a look at all the stuff this case can do.

  • Smart apps + a full-sized e-ink screen transform the back of your phone into a 24/7 showcase for images and information
  • Instantly customize: pop images to the back of your phone from your camera, Instagram, friends & more
  • Get the info you need, all at-a-glance: notifications, schedules, maps, lists, boarding passes, etc.
  • Protect your phone: popSLATE is smart, thin, lightweight and it provides best-in-class protection.

Its own apps? Seriously?

Although the production description says it’s thin and lightweight, I am pretty sure it’s a thicker than your case right now (unless you’re using an Otterbox or one of those). But hey, what’s a few millimeters for cool new features. Oh, and protection, too.

Interested? Check out the popSLATE iPhone case.

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