“Upgrade” Your Selfies with the Monster Selfie Case

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Selfie sticks have made it so much easier for people to take their own photos that look decent – especially for those who have short arms. But there’s something better than a selfie stick. Something that won’t be affected by your wobbly hands.

Enter the Monster Selfie Case.

This iPhone case is being touted as a hands-free selfie case that gives you the freedom to pose however way you want.

How does that work? Well, think of Spidey sticking to a wall. The case is designed so that you can stick it on a flat surface and use the phone without needing your hands (of course, that’s just for viewing).

This is not the first time we’ve heard of a phone case that sticks to the wall so that you can take selfies (well, among other useful activities). Back in April, we wrote about the Zero G Case, which was then a Kickstarter project. It reached its goal and is now shipping the product.

While the Monster Selfie Case may not be the first, it certainly has the branding. Monster has been around for decades, and with its marketing, the case will probably go – and I hate to use the word – viral.

Check out their Instagram page, where they showcase celebrities.

International #recordingartists @anisekofficial and @stefanos_dimosthenous showing off their #monsterselfiecase at the #madvma15 #vma #greekmusic #athens #cocacola @madvma #selfie #canyourcasedothis #monsterproducts #hellas #madvmas2015 #greekmusicawards

A photo posted by @monsterselfiecase on

They even have a hashtag #monsterselfiecase on Twitter, although they don’t really have a significant following at the moment.

Monster Selfie Case it may be called, but I can think about other uses for the case.

  • Stick it on the mirror while following a yoga instructional app.
  • Stick it on a kitchen cabinet to follow recipes while cooking.
  • Stick it high up on the wall so your toddler can’t reach it.

The case is available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Pre-order your case (from $29.95) here.

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