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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “WHERE”

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It knows where to find a five-star-rated steaming slice of pizza. It knows where the closest/cheapest gas is. It knows about the construction that is taking place nearby, and it knows how many miles it is to get to a cup of Starbucks coffee. It knows where it is. Is it Artificial Intelligence, or Science-Fiction?

The free application better known as “WHERE” (created by uLocate Communications) is the end-all location-aware App. for the iPhone. The comprehensive program deciphers in a couple of seconds exactly where on earth someone is; there is no word as to whether this works for the astronauts in space yet.

Once the “WHERE” App. finds a human being, a completely customizable list is formed showing the reader nearly everything that is going on in the area. The local weather, closest/cheapest gas, local traffic, and news are among the numerous subjects shown. Clicking on the gas screen loads a look at the cheapest gasoline prices that are nearby (for example: $2.70/regular Getty in 1.4 mi.) complete with the exact address of the pumps.

The highest recommended restaurants show up in detail, if they are in close proximity to where a traveler roams. Whether out of one’s element, or just being curious as to which is the closest movie theater, “WHERE” informs about everything, except the locale of underground poker games!

Grade: B+
"WHERE" App.

RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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