Magic 8-Ball Says: Rumor Round Up for Macworld 2007

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8ball.jpgOk…this is the last rumor related stuff I’m posting until the Keynote (unless something REALLY big and REALLY confirmed comes in). This should be every major rumor currently out there…and even a few minor ones…feel free to point them out in the comments if I miss any…

Now, we all know that the rumor mongering and speculation gets out of hand before these events…hell, that’s half the fun…but the truth is, we don’t know ANYTHING about what we will see at Macworld until Steve Jobs reveals it on stage. So, with that in mind, we’re going to have a little fun with the rumors here and pull out that timeless classic for predicting the future…The Magic 8-Ball…so we can get some real answers about what’s in store…

iTV – slim Mac mini looking device was previewed at the Showtime event last year, but at Macworld we’re rumored to see a real showcase for the device.

Will we will see the “secret” features of iTV at Macworld?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Yes

Will iTVs new name be revealed?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Signs Point to Yes

Will the iTV feature HD support including HD downloads from iTunes?
Magic 8-Ball Says: My Answer is No

iWork/iLife – For the past few years we have seen new versions of these great sofware packages at Macworld.

Will we see new versions of iWork and iLife at Macworld?
Magic 8-Ball Says: No

Leopard – We’ve all known about the next generation of OS X basically since Tiger was released. So far we’ve only seen a few new features with the “big secrets” still under wraps.

Will Aqua be replaced with a new UI dubbed “illuminous”?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Yes

Will Leopard feature Parallels integration?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Please ask again
Magic 8-Ball Says: Yes

Wil Leopard be released at Macworld?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Maybe

New Macs – Many expect to see new Macs introduced at Macworld…after all it is MACworld…

Will Apple release new Mac Pros, with Core 2 Quad processors?
Magic 8-Ball Says: No.

What about new Mac Minis will debut with Dual Core processors?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Signs point to Yes

Will Jobs announce an Ultra portable Tablet Mac, possibly as the new version of the iMac?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Concentrate and Ask Again
Magic 8-Ball Says: Yes

New Displays – Apple is expected to release new displays, some say as large as 50 inches with built in iSight cameras.

Will we see new Displays at Macworld?
Magic 8-Ball Says: My Sources Say Yes

Partnerships – Apple is rumored to expand both its movie download partnerships, as well as possibly working with other companies such as Google in a collaboration of some sort.

Will Apple’s iTunes movie store expand to include at least two more major studios?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Maybe

Wil Apple announce a partnership with Google?
Magic 8-Ball Says: My Sources Say Yes

One More Things… – rumors of touchscreen iPods and Apple Mobile Phones dominate the rumor mills…

Will Apple release the touchscreen Video iPod at Macworld?
Magic 8-Ball Says: My Sources Say Yes

Will we see the highly anticipated Apple Phone?
Magic 8-Ball Says: No

Will there be “One More Thing…” that none of us expect?
Magic 8-Ball Says: Maybe

Well, there you have it…solid answers from one of the most trusted sources in the past 20 years. There are a lot of “yeses” in there, but I’ll be interested to compare the 8-Balls results with my own predictions after the Keynote on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “Magic 8-Ball Says: Rumor Round Up for Macworld 2007

  1. Funny, maybe I should start asking the Magic 8-Ball too, as we’re agreeing on a lot of things…including that there will be NO IPHONE AT MACWORLD…except the one in Steve’s pocket 🙂 has some analysis on that, too.

  2. At this point, trying to guess what is or what isn’t is a crap shoot. Make enough guesses and some will hit.

    If the iTV cannot stream full 1080p HD, it’s dead. That ability is much more important than whether iTS can deliver full-HD content or not. There’s simply not enough bandwidth for the iTS to deliver full HD at this time. 1080p HDTVs are now much more affordable and not insanely huge.

    After all, didn’t Steve Jobs dub 2006 “The Year of HD”?
    The last time I checked, it was 2007!

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