I can’t buy movies on my AppleTV…can you?

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I just updated my AppleTV after receiving an email that suggested that the AppleTV might have added HD movie downloads. Not seeing it online anywhere else, I thought that perhaps it was merely a reference to HD rentals on the AppleTV…and it probably is….but now that I’ve looked closer at my AppleTV I’ve noticed that I can’t purchase movies on the AppleTV anymore.

I could a few days ago, but today that feature is gone – it still gives me the Top Sales list – and it still shows all the movies that are available to purchase, but it will only show a preview of them with no option to buy.

Is this happening to anyone else? Anybody got any ideas what’s going on?

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8 thoughts on “I can’t buy movies on my AppleTV…can you?

  1. I just googled “appletv” “option to buy not showing” and got your post.. that you posted today. Wow. I wonder if its a temporary thing because of updates to their system.

    I didn’t run any updates like you mentioned. The option has just disappeared on most things.


  2. It happende to me too. I was browsing TV Episodes and when I tried to buy Lost, it would only show me the preview option. No more buying option.

    I also didn’t update or anything, it just happened.

  3. I have the same thing happening with my Apple TV, I’m assuming it is just a temporary thing because some movies showing up on the Apple TV are only available for purchase and when you choose them it only gives you the option to watch the trailer.

    I have to be honest though, I haven’t purchased a movie on the Apple TV and I haven’t bought a movie from iTunes in a few months (except for hitman when it showed up for free) $10-$15 is just too expensive for me. I’ll stick with the $3-$5 rentals.

  4. Same here…but it seems to have returned as of 11 May 2008…very strange. I just thought maybe it was something with a broken link to the iTunes store on my ATV, but I guess not ???

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