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Why is HEVC Better than H.264?

In High Sierra and iOS 11, Apple will be implementing a new video encoding process called High Efficiency Video Coding, or HEVC. It promises to shrink video size by a huge margin, supporting new high-resolution content while saving disk space. But what makes HEVC better than H.264, the video codec it plans to replace? HEVC,…

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Great Free Backup Apps for macOS

Data loss is a constant threat to our technology-heavy lives. Hard drives are unreliable, mobile devices get lost, children destroy laptops: it’s a rough world out there for your data. You need to protect your files with a reliable backup system that reproduces your data both locally and remotely. You can start creating your own…

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The History of Online Video

Apple fans usually are among the first ones to enjoy new technology, often even to help new technology become a standard. Examples are Firewire (hold your hand up if you have actually something plugged in to your FW port right now), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and definitely the internet as a streaming platform. Quicktime, Apple trailers and…

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