Get in the Halloween Spirit with your very own Jobs-O-Lantern

jottodaythumb.gifFrom the “Wow…that’s odd” department comes…

Joy of Tech’s pattern for making your very own Jobs-O-Lantern. I’m not sure why you’d want your Halloween pumpkin to look like good-old Steve here…but if you’re into that sort of thing then, by golly, get after it.

Ah…Halloween…it’s a very strange holiday indeed…

groupshot.jpg Joy of Tech also has several other Mac-O-Lanterns that you can check out.Each one requires a level of pumpkin carving skill that I just don’t have, but if you have the talent, and the time, they have a full blown tutorial to show you how to make your very own Ellen Feiss-O-Lantern. (That poor girl just didn’t know what she was getting into when she made that “switch” commercial all those years ago, did she?)

Pretty impressive work, I must say.

Link via: TUAW

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