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Are Wearables Really the Future?

In the middle of the twentieth-century, when comic book gumshoe Dick Tracy sported his watch that just so happened to double as a two-way communicator, such technology was truly a thing of the future. Talking to someone through a device strapped to your wrist was just as much science fiction to people in 1946 as…

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3 Reasons Apple Killed its HDTV

For years we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple was preparing to release an HDTV. Industry insiders and analysts often claimed that it would be coming soon, and that it would change the way that we watched television forever. But as the years passed, and no such product was ever revealed, those rumors seemed more and…

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Gameloft releases Bubble Bash for iPod

Gameloft continue to release games for the iPod at a swift pace, this time creating a ‘Bust-a-move’ clone called ‘Bubble Bash’. If you’re familiar with ‘Bust-a-move’ then you know exactly how the game plays. ‘Bubble Bash’ joins ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Yahtzee’ as the latest releases for the iPod gaming platforms.

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