Apple Watch worries

Quelling Your Apple Watch Worries

It seems like we’ve been talking about the Apple Watch for years (some of us actually have), and now it’s finally here and on the wrists of some of Apple’s most devoted fans. But many of you are still waiting on the Apple Watch sidelines, waiting for Apple to work out some of the bugs […]


5 Ways Apple Can Improve the iPhone

With its fast and efficient processor, beautiful Retina display, outstanding camera, and svelte design, the iPhone is without question one of the best smartphones available today. It’s no secret that consumers love the iconic gadget, as millions are sold each quarter and new models are always highly anticipated. But as good as the iPhone is now, […]

paid ios apps gone free

Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, July 31, 2015

This week, we’ve got paid iOS apps gone free for you to welcome the weekend once again. This week’s apps are a mix of practical tools and games. Paid iOS apps gone free toDo+ Here’s another To-Do app, and while you may feel that you’ve had enough of these apps, toDo+ is worth taking a […]

Keep Earbuds In Place

Keep Earbuds In Place With GTEAR

Just yesterday, I wrote about wishing for Apple wireless earbuds that stay in place, and while it may not come true anytime soon, an affordable alternative might just be around the corner. Called GTEAR, this device is a simple add-on to the existing Apple earbuds. With the GTEAR on, the earbuds are firmly placed inside the […]

Apple Watch tricks

Top 5 Time-Saving Apple Watch Tricks

The Apple Watch truly sets a new standard for wearable technology, both in form and function. This watch was designed to look great on your arm, but it was also designed to save you time. When you have your Apple Watch strapped to your wrist, you minimize the amount of time you need to spend […]