How to Report Messages Spam in iOS 8.3

Earlier in the week Apple released iOS 8.3 for our iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, bringing a host of new features and bug fixes along with it. In addition to adding more than 300 new emoji, enabling Wi-Fi calling on more carriers, and giving us the ability to make speakerphone calls using Siri, the update […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 iPhone 6

Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 in a One of a Kind Drop Test

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, no. Not another Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 drop test.” Can’t blame you. It’s mandatory. Samsung phones and iPhones are always pitted against each other. See: The Toilet Test: The iPhone 6 Plus Versus the Galaxy Note 4 In this particular case, however, the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 drop test […]


Are the Days of Lining Up For New Apple Products Over?

  Lining up outside an Apple store in anticipation of a new product is one of the more enduring traditions amongst Apple fans. Customer often stand in line for hours outside an Apple store in anticipation of getting their hands on the latest product from the tech giant. We’ve seen it time and time again […]

Popcorn Time iOS app

New Popcorn Time iOS App – No Jailbreak Needed!

Popcorn Time fans who don’t like jailbreaking their iOS device will love the fact that a new Popcorn Time iOS app is going to be released today – without the need to jailbreak! TorrentFreak reports that today, Popcorn Time’s first anniversary, an installer will be released so that non-jailbroken devices can use the iOS app. […]