Netflix coming to Mac in 2008


Steve, the developer of Netflix’s download service, gave Gizmodo some explanations about the selection of movies on the service, the reason for a lack of Mac support and so on…

Basically Mac support is coming in 2008, and isn’t already here because Apple doesn’t license its DRM. (Of course, if you have Parallels or Fusion, it really doesn’t matter, now does it? Just first up IE 7 and watch the movies you want.) He went on to say that the reason the selection is limited is because of Hollywood’s devotion to DVDs…he also stated that TV/Living Room support was coming in 2008 as well.

One can only speculate about how that TV/Living Room support will surface, but it would instantly make me a Netflix customer (which I currently am not) if I could get Netflix movies on my AppleTV.



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  1. If they actually come to the Mac in ’08 I’ll be surprised. How many times have we heard these companies say, Mac support is on the way…10 years later…