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SpeakingFox for Firefox

While I do like Safari, as a web developer it’s just more practical for me to use Firefox. Plus, I get to use all these cool extensions!

Like this one: SpeakingFox is a Firefox add-on that does one thing, and very well. It allows you to convert text in your browser to audible speech. Safari does this, yes, and now Firefox can too.

Instead of describing it to you, I’ve prepared a short video capture to show you exactly how it works- using a page from my online bakeshop as an example:

The add-on’s author also made SummaryFox, which summarizes text for you, and DictionaryFox for looking up definitions in your built-in Dictionary. Download SpeakingFox now.

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Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

Lorraine Barte Nepomuceno

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