Hot New Wedding Venue: The Apple Store?

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Have you heard about the couple who got married at the Apple Store? New Yorkers Joshua Li and Ya Ting Li decided to tie the knot at the (admittedly gorgeous) Fifth Avenue Store:

The vows took place one minute into Valentine’s Day, and included a minister dressed similarly to Steve Jobs. The rings were presented tied to a ribbon wrapped around a first-generation iPod, all videotaped by the hotdog stand vendor who works in front of the store. (source)

Now, I know many couples like to choose historical places like the New York Public Library, or romantic places like the beach at sunset- but an Apple Store never struck me as being either historial or romantic (Apple, by the way, “didn’t seem to mind”).

Then again, I can’t seem to stop myself from entering an Apple Store every time I see one. Even if I have nothing to buy, am late for an appointment, or am so tired I just want to head home- once I see that Apple Store, I simply have to go in. What is up with that?

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