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What are the first pages you load when you fire up your browser in the morning? For me, it’s Gmail and Google Reader (yes, I am quite dependent on the almighty G). Of course, that’s for mornings when I actually have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in front of my desktop, that is. On mornings that I have to be somewhere, I am extremely grateful for Newsie.

Newsie is a Google Reader client app that:

  • Downloads my Google Reader subscriptions at lightning speed. I’m not kidding, this thing’s fast, because it doesn’t take forever to sync all your feeds (I have over 200!)
  • Supports starred items, and automatically saves the item’s original web page with a virtual “paperclip” so I’ll remember to get back to it later.
  • Works well with Tweetie & Twitterific, letting me tweet interesting posts. Not something I really do, but I like knowing that I can.
  • Is beautifully designed, with a simple user interface and support for full-screen.

If you’re an RSS feed junkie like me, check Newsie out. It’s currently $3.99 at the App Store.

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