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I create video tutorials on a regular basis for Tubetorial, and do it all on my Macbook. When I first got started, I used my PC and the excellent Camtasia, but since I’m so much more productive on my Mac, I thought I would give it a try one day- and I never looked back. Here are the tools I use, love, and highly recommend:

ScreenFlow ($99)
At the time, there was no Mac version of Camtasia, so I was forced to find an alternative. I tried a few others, but ScreenFlow immediately won me over. It’s incredibly simple to use, does everything I need it to- and more. It takes me seconds to do things like adding callouts and text boxes, and exports to a whole host of formats, including H.264 MOV and wmv. There’s a trial version, so you can try before you buy.

Audacity (Free)
I love Audacity so much I made a video tutorial on using it to clean up audio. I use it to clean up the sound I’ve recorded, as well as enhance it, slice it up, normalize it… there’s so much you can do with Audacity, and it’s free!

iMovie (Free)
ScreenFlow and Audacity usually do the trick, but when I want to take my video podcasts a step further, I use iMovie. It’s no Final Cut, but I love the simplicity of it- and how fast it still runs on my three year old Macbook.

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