YouTube Find: New Online “Get a Mac” Ad

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You may have seen the latest “Get a Mac” ad on sites like the Wallstreet Journal and The Onion recently, but just in case you’ve missed it, here it is in YouTube form…

Again with the Vista bashing…but that’s getting pretty standard in these ads. I have to say, bashing aside, this one is worth a chuckle, though. 馃槢

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Find: New Online “Get a Mac” Ad

  1. i love my mac and all that, but still, i gotta say… i’m beginning to get bored by all those anti-vista ads. can’t apple just go ahead and actually mention benefits of their own product instead of criticizing the competition?

    i have a pc too (mainly for gaming) that is running vista, and i can’t say that it’s disappointet me yet. everything works as it should, no crashes, good performance. vista isn’t the piece of crap anymore that it was 15 months ago. give some credit where it’s due!

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