The Macbook Pro has to go back one more time…


Well, for those of you following the ongoing Macbook Pro saga, it looks like I have one final round of sending off to do. The audio problem still continues to be a problem, but since they have replaced the left I/O board it no longer happens when you plug the USB mic into the left USB port – now it only happens when you plug it into the right USB port.

Still, clearly there is still a problem, and Apple has informed me that if I get the machine back again and it still doesn’t work properly that they will replace it with a new Macbook Pro.

So – back in the mail it goes…one more time….



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  1. Your MBP needs a time machine 🙂
    Insert irony right there. Something tells me my spacing while typing this is going to change when I post it. At least you will know I tried 🙂

  2. Ah.. so your now hoping it doesn’t work so that you cen get a slightly faster Macbook Pro with the new trackpad.. hehe!

    That is a good deal done by Apple some other company will not do the same.

  3. Break it more, make sure they send you a new one! this is absurd! they shold have to pay for all this work that you have to do to it!

    plus the new macbook pros are soo exceptional