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Indie Games Showcase

It looks like Apple’s busy playing around with the App Store! Not more than a week has passed since we heard – and saw – the new section “Sharing Selfies“, and now, there’s another new section: “Indie Game Showcase”.

Not that anyone’s complaining, especially not the makers and fans of indie games. As the section’s name implies, “Indie Game Showcase” is going to feature an independent developer PLUS their games of choice.

By doing this, Apple gives indie developers the attention they deserve – attention that they may otherwise not get, thanks to the financial (and marketing) advantages that big development studios have. In fact, if you visit the “Indie Game Showcase“, you’ll see the underlying reason for the new section:

Often made up of just a few dedicated members, independent studios prove that what really matters is the size of your dream. In each Indie Game Showcase, we celebrate a popular game and its creative team, highlighting the developer’s other titles along with their favourite games from other studios.

Noble and practical intentions combined into one.


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