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The declaration of hate against selfies and people who regularly post them on social media has been strong and relentless, yet what has it done to deter people who have an affinity for selfies? I dare say it has had no effect whatsoever. One look at my Facebook feed is more than enough proof.

It seems Apple has given up as well, and has given in to this selfie phenomenon for it has created a dedicated section in the App Store aptly dubbed “Sharing Selfies”; for what are selfies for if not for sharing?

“Sharing Selfies” is all about apps that will make it easy to indulge the narcissist in everyone. With apps like Picr, Snapchat, Frontback, and Everday, how can one ever forget to take a selfie – or two, or three, heck make it four! – every day and remind their friends just how photogenic they are.

If you still question the legitimacy of selfies, “Sharing Selfies” should clear that up. And remember, the Oxford English Dictionary has given the word selfie the honor of being 2013’s word of the year.

If, like me, you are wondering what the world’s coming to, and you’d rather spend on worthwhile apps, check out the top 20 apps of 2013.

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