iPad Pro With USB Ports on Its Way?

ipad pro usb

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Here’s a tidbit that may tickle iPad lovers’ fancy. Or not. It depends on what you want for your next iPad.

ipad pro usb

We just might get an iPad Pro that can support USB sticks, a mouse, and maybe even a keyboard.

It’s not that the iPad Pro is fresh news. We’ve heard about the rumors about the 12.9-inch iPad before, but this new detail about the USB ports is something to think about.

Apple Insider, citing the WSJ, reports that the new iPad’s design is not yet final. With “pro” being tacked on to the name (although it may totally be different), Apple is reportedly putting on the final touches to its enterprise features as well.

Think Surface Pro, which, by the way, is one of the reasons I don’t think the table will be called iPad Pro when released.

According to WSJ’s source, however, Apple is “now considering the faster technology for data synchronization between the larger iPad and other computing devices. Apple is also working on technology to speed up the iPad charging time, but it remains uncertain if the final design will have these new features.”

Aside from these details, there have been previous speculations about the new iPad having extra built-in speakers.

As usual, we don’t really know what’s exactly in store for us, but honestly, I’d rather have an option to stick in a microSD card for storage expansion. One can dream, yeah?

Here’s something more tangible: iPad Art by David Hockney Brings Spring to Life.

P.S. I’m sticking with the iPad Mini so…

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3 thoughts on “iPad Pro With USB Ports on Its Way?

  1. Most likely it will be the USB-C port that was featured for the new macs if anything. Apple would never introduce anything new and add an old USB port in its newest tablet – good day

  2. Apple iPad pro will be the best Apple iPad till date. Although iPad’s sales keep going down, but Apple iPad Pro will make up. The reason why Apple sent iPad pro in reinvent operation is because of their previous poor sales results. They are going to add some extreme features and specifications and surely will surprise everyone. Waiting for Apple iPad Pro Launch Event eagerly.

  3. I am reading about Apple iPad Pro from last 9 Months.Despite many I strongly feel iPad Pro will be The Best iPad till date. Apple has sent iPad in Reinvent process due to poor sales. It will definitely be more powerful, more smarter and obviously more faster.. Waiting for Apple Launch Event for iPad Pro.

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