AppleTV to ship on Feb. 27th?

product-product.jpgI’ve said it on the podcast last week, I said it on my personal blog earlier this week, and I just realized that I haven’t said it here…so let me spout a little bit of my own speculation that I believe is a pretty safe bet.

AppleTV will ship next Tuesday.

Feb 28th is the last possible day that the AppleTV can ship and it still be Feb – and previous online reports have stated that the device would ship in Feb. but most users probably wouldn’t receive it until March….plus the 27th is Tuesday…and Apple loves Tuesdays.

So, mark it down on your calendars folks…unless they announce a delay on AppleTV…we’ll be getting them next week 🙂

Apple Gazette Team
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  1. Hmmmm… in Minnestoa, Feb 28 is on Wednesday. Where are you;)

    Looking forward to seeing my MacTV arrive March 1. But if it takes a few extra days, it will certainly be worth it. Hoping for some great new followup products from the AAPL labs soon!