10 Games that SHOULD be on the iPod

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ipod.jpgThe 5th generation Video iPod can not only hold thousands of songs, play your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and Podcasts – now, it can even play games. The Video iPod is in an interesting place as a gaming device. It’s a step above cellphone games as far as graphical capability and screen size are concerned, but a pretty big leap away from a system like the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

Still, the Video iPod could be a very fun gaming platform with the right titles on the device. Not every kind of game will work with the click wheel interface, so only certain existing titles will be able to excel on the iPod. After taking a look at the current (and very small) list of titles available for the iPod…including Pac-Man, Zuma, Mahjong, Texas Hold’em Poker, Tetris, Bejeweled, and others…I’ve compiled a list of 10 titles that I think should be in future rounds of iPod games.

Each one would work well with the click wheel interface, and could be entertaining on the single-player only Video iPod. This list is not in any particular order, just 10 titles that I think would excel on Apple’s monster device. I have tried to mix classic titles with universal appeal, and titles from different genres and play styles that I think would do well with the iPod’s unique interface. With all that said…onto the list.

spacinv4.gifSpace Invaders – Does it get anymore classic than Space Invaders? A graphically enhanced version of the classic game would be well worth $4.95 as long as they didn’t try to “improve” the gameplay.

The clickwheel would work perfectly for this title, and if done right, it would be a sure hit.

pool.jpgPool – There are a lot of pool games out there. This screenshot is from the Yahoo Games version of pool, because a pool game in this style is what I think would work best for the Video iPod.

I’m sure they could kick the graphics up a little, and a pool title like this would be great for the Video iPod…the only real drawback is no two player mode, or online play.

tapper.pngTapper – One of my favorite arcade titles from my childhood, Tapper (or Root Beer Tapper, depending on when and where you played it) is an arcade game that was practically born for the clickwheel.

I’ve downloaded this game for my cellphone, and played it online, but I’ve never enjoyed it on either platform. I think that would be different with the Video iPod, and I hope to see this title available for download sometime in the near future.

spyhunter.jpgSpy Hunter – An updated version of the classic Spy Hunter (perhaps with The Rock making an appearance in the game if that movie is still happening) would be another great title for the Video iPod that places it’s roots in the classic gaming arena.

The classic controls with slightly updated graphics would make this an interesting and fun addition to the iPod’s line up.

myst.jpgMyst – An adventure game like Myst would be a very interesting addition to the Video iPod gaming market. A game like this is deep and immersive, with stunning rendered graphics and great puzzles.

It could work with the clickwheel interface, and would definitely be well worth the $4.95 standard price for iPod games. I might even be willing to pay a little bit more for a game of this depth.

starshipcreator.gifStar Trek Starship Creator – Starship Creator was a very interesting PC game from several years back that allowed you to build your own starship, assign your own crew from almost every Star Trek character that’s ever appeared on the different series, and send them on missions throughout the galaxy.

It was a game that I really enjoyed, and was successful enough for a sequel to be created a short time after the initial one hit shelves. It’s unique gameplay, would work well on the Video iPod, and would be a treat for Star Trek fans.

sudoku.jpgSudoku – Sudoku is insanely popular right now, and – if properly thought out – could be excellently translated to the Video iPod.

This addictive world-wide sensation would be a popular title that could have thousands of puzzles to keep you occupied for a very long time.

casino.jpgVegas Casino – Like Pool, I’m keeping this term generic because there are several games already out there on other platforms with this type of gameplay.

Still, playing Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps and Keno on your iPod would be a lot of fun, and something you could quickly play and put down in those extra moments you have throughout the day.

centipede.jpgCentipede – Yet another classic title I’d like to see on my Video iPod. Centipede has always been a fun classic shooter.

Like Space Invaders, it would work well with the iPod interface and screen size. Again, I think updated graphics would be necessary to make it worth a purchase, but this could be another arcade classic winner for the iPod.

sim1.gifSim City/Tycoon Series – I have lumped these two together because of their similar styles. The Sim City series and the Tycoon series (from Rollercoaster to Lemonade Stand) could all be very interesting titles for the iPod. The graphics that the iPod are capable of are much better than what most cellphones can put out, and the menu navigation that these titles require could be well adapted to the iPod.

…So there you have it. Ten games that I think should be on the iPod for all to enjoy.

I’m sure there are some that I’ve left out (or that I didn’t even think of) that you think would be more fitting than the titles I’ve listed about, though…so be sure and list your suggestions in the comments section below!

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33 thoughts on “10 Games that SHOULD be on the iPod

  1. Wow.. simcity would be great… when I was in highschool I had an app on my pc that told me how many hours apps were running…

    i was clocking 30hours a week on simcity2000 when i was in year 8… i think 1995

    i’d play it on the pod… bu would proabably only clock 3 hours a day… coz of da batteyr

  2. I agree with all of them but Star Trek Starship Creator….the only reason I remember that game existed is because it scored one of the lowest courses ever on PC gamer UK…9% or something.

  3. Hear hear! Actually, I think there was a version of Space Invaders on iPod Linux. That thing was fun as hell.

  4. Seriously where is Arkanoid / Alleyway / Breakout? The original arcade version used a wheel you spun just like the click wheel. An absolutely perfect match.

  5. Okay so I hear a lot about this iPod trend. Well, I decide to check it out, and it is not all that impressive. The iPod really has no upper hand on the old handlhelds, modern pocket pc’s etc. Music, games, videos all this can be done on the pocket pc. I do like the harddrive space though. Sure but that is why I carry flash cards, this is why I feel I was ripped off.

  6. Eugenia –

    Good link, but I have to disagree with you. I think the games on this list could easily be played on an iPod. I think the only one that would require signifigent modification would be Spy Hunter, and I still think that could work.

  7. It seems to me if will be very hard, if not impossible, to have Myst work with the clickwheel interface. Most of the screens contain multiple clickable Items.

  8. I agree with some of the above comments. This list doesn’t take the scroll wheel interface into account at all, especially in conjunction with the interface needs of some of these games. How would one click hot spots in Myst? How do I get fluid vertical movement in Centipede? How would I even BEGIN to manage the menus and tool palettes of SimCity?

    Arkanoid is clearly the most obvious example of a game made to be played with a scroll wheel. Tempest, on the other hand, would NOT work because of the centralized, single fire button. One-button games would work nicely (like that one with the helicopter that keeps getting pulled down by gravity until you hit a button to get a boost or maybe even the Yeti series), or games that are slow paced enough to allow the user to click-click-click the wheel in a direction. I think Klax could work out nicely. Unless the speed of the car is constant, I don’t think driving games would work out. Chess, checkers, Go, Monopoly, Scrabble… lots of board games could translate easily because of the slower pace. Puzzle Bobble would be freakin’ great!

    I mean, just think about the control scheme. The wheel moves AROUND the primary firing button, so any game that requires rapid fire shooting while simultaneously moving around the playfield is pretty much out. I mean, yes it could be done from a programming standpoint… that’s not the issue though. It has to be fun and intuitive to play, as well. Tempest and driving games seem at first like a good idea, but aren’t unless the game will auto-fire for you.

    The iPod interface just wasn’t designed with games in mind. I think these kinds of lists exactly prove that gaming was an added-on idea for Apple on the iPod, not a motivating design need.

  9. Christopher –

    I think with Myst (and I’m talking about original Myst here, not Real Myst) you would use the Menu, Left, Right, and Play/Pause buttons to move around, and then use the clickwheel function to move through clickable objects in each frame of the game. That’s what I was thinking when I added it to the list.

    Centipede would be easy as well, because the clickwheel does have and Up, Down, Left, Right built into it.

    Sim City would be a little harder, I’ll grant you that, but (unless I’m mistaken) there is a cellphone version of Sim City, and that would be the version that was best used for the iPod.

  10. what happened to ipod click wheel games? the latest one is cake mania? what the fuck is that? haha the click wheel games are hopeless…….just switch to an itouch lol

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