Apple is going to replace my Macbook Pro

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Well, hopefully the ongoing Macbook Pro saga is about to come to an end. I just got off the phone with Apple and after I get some paperwork emailed to me sometime tomorrow afternoon, and I sign and return it, a new Macbook Pro will be on its way to my door.

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15 thoughts on “Apple is going to replace my Macbook Pro

  1. It may have taken a while but its all finally sorted and hopefully this machine will work. You have a newer faster machine out of it so I guess it all turned out all ok. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Hey Michael–

    Good luck getting a new one. I’ve had you on my RSS feed for a long time now, but have to confess that I am taking it off now, because every time it seems is another post about your laptop, and I’m getting a bit sick of it (I can only imagine how you feel).

    In any case, I’ll back in later when (hopefully) your MBP is all better.



  3. @Jake

    Not really sure why you would leave now, but ok. The whole thing is over. There will be one more post when the new one arrives, and that’ll be the end of it.

    But yeah, I doubt there’s anyone that’s more sick of it than me. 😛

  4. Michael,
    Its awesome you get a better computer and another year of apple care with the computer. But, to bad for your other MacBook Pro it cant enjoy Apple Gazette anymore!

  5. Talk about the most honest … yet most misleading headline ever. I seriously was thinking – Tuesday Apple announcement for the week was a whole new Apple MBP line-up!

    Anyway – glad they’re replacing it!

  6. I am glad to hear about Michael and Stuart’s MBP. Good for Apple.
    RE jake’s post, I guess some people want “just the fact’s, mam” while others, especially bloggers, prefer subjective opinions and personal lives mixed up with the ever useful information and news. So, please, don’t stop being personal!

  7. @Adam

    The Macbook Pro randomly turns my audio to garbage when I’m recording with any USB mic and using any audio program available. We never did figure out exactly why.


    I didn’t even think about that! 🙂 Sorry! I changed it to “my” Macbook Pro.

  8. On Monday, Apple told me that they would also replace my two year-old MBP which had been suffering sudden shut-down problems for the last 7 months. I think they decided to give up repairing it when the costs came in higher than a new machine – thank goodness for Apple Care. They way they announced this news it on the phone was also very positively done – well done Apple.

  9. I had to get my logic board replaced on my 2.4 Ghz MBP a couple weeks ago, and it returned with a shiny new 2.6 ghz board…so you never really know what you’ll get. If they were to just give me the stock board from the new line, it should have been a 2.5…

  10. OK, ok…I’ll keep you on my RSS feed if it’s one more story about your MBP. Sorry to sound so impersonal. I’m not trying to bloviate or anything, I guess I just can’t fathom that Apple hasn’t fixed the issues yet! I hope someone internal at Apple is keeping up with your blog…

    Thanks, and keep it up–


  11. Congratulations Michael. Also I think by being human and like the rest of us by blogging about your everyday experience with Apple products you are actually making Apple Gazette special. I like that rather than having to read news iterations all over the web.

    Keep up the good work Michael 🙂

  12. I asked to Mike about the ending of the story, because this post is not conclusion in my opinion, to Mike all is well, but we don’t know if he received a brand new MacBook or a refurbished, if this time he will buy an AppleCare to no run out the warranty, after bitching about Apple in several post and podcast (well a few times) I think that everybody need a complete ending. Mike said that he will not going to write about it anymore. So we have space to the speculation!!!

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