Designer Jumps the Gun With this iPhone 8 Concept Video

iPhone 8 concept

Rumors and speculation about the iPhone 7 are all over the place, and as usual, we still don’t have anything concrete to go by. Yet Jermaine Smit, a concept designer, has decided to jump one step ahead of everyone by coming up with an iPhon 8 concept video.

How’s that for getting to the front of the line before everyone else have even started?

In Smit’s iPhone 8 concept video, he shows specs such as a 2k display. An unexpected twist is the dual display feature, with one screen being the hi-resolution one and the other with lower resolution, but serves as a power-saving mode.

A twist the dual-screen feature may be for an iPhone, the concept is not a new one, as Yotaphone has been in the market for a while now.

Having watched the entire video, I am not entirely sure if the concept is meant to be outrageous or if Smit is just having fun. Or maybe it’s both.

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