Apple removes “I Am Rich” App, plus Site Update News

Hey everyone! It’s been a long couple of days here at the Murphey house. My daughter had her tonsils removed early Thursday morning. Since I don’t normally go to sleep until around 2 or 3 am – and we had to be up and running at 4am – I ended up not sleeping on Wed. night at all.

The tonsil surgery went smoothly and everything has been going swell, but she was having some serious nausia with the pain medicine she has to take, so on Thursday night we spent from 11am to 1am at the ER getting some anti-vomit medicine. In all of this I have had about 2 hours worth of sleep – so updates will be sparse today, if at all. There will be no Apple Gazette Daily – but things will return to normal on Monday.

I didn’t want to leave you with no update today, though – and I’m really happy to report that Apple has removed “I Am Rich” from the App Store after receiving several complaints. The App was actually purchased by 8 people before it was pulled from the store, and we know that at least ONE of those was an accident…because the purchaser left a very long “review” of the application explaining his situation, and begging for his money back.

An application in the App Store should have at least SOME kind of feature. The creator of the App insists its a “work of art” with a “lifestyle mantra” that you get when you purchase it.


I’m going to get some sleep.



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  1. I’m still perplexed at the number of people who “accidentally” buys apps, on the phone you have to push the buy bottom twice and on iTunes you have to physically place your mouse above the buy button and click it, how on earth does this “accidentally” happen? Sounds like there is more than one person who should enable shopping cart or not leave it on one click buy anymore.