Weekend Rumor Round-up: iPhone Browser, iTunes Movie Rentals, Full WWDC Transcript – Craziness abound!!

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Well, it’s the weekend before WWDC…what do you expect?  Tons of Rumors?  Well…you got them!  Apple Insider and Mac Rumors were working overtime this weekend, reporting on every loopy thing they could think of over the weekend…

Mac Rumors kicks things off with their insistance that iPhone users are checking their site with the phone’s browser.  Now, let’s just foget the fact that any 5 year old with a working knowledge of ANY web browser can fake this…this weekend they even claimed to have found a Broadband Report showing the speed of the browser over a WiFi Network.  Click Here to read.

Apple Insider, along with several other sites, also reported this weekend on a Financial Times article that claims to have the inside track on how movie rentals are going to work in iTunes.  Apparently it will be 30 day rentals for $2.99.  If so, the Hollywood Execs are getting awful giving.  I’d love to see it, but I’m going to remain skeptical on this one for the time being… Click Here to read.

Daily Tech Talk even claims to have a full WWDC Keynote Transcript that – if true – almost mirrors my predictions exactly!  Won’t that be awesome….he says with tongue pressed firmly in cheek….

It’s going to be a fun day…I can’t wait for 10:00 am PST…remember we’ll be having live coverage right here.

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