Warners thinking of not upping iTunes Contract, NBC thinks they sell iPods

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Interesting news from Apple Insider, who reports on comments from NBC, and that Warner Bros. may be considering pulling a “Universal” and going month to month with iTunes in December.

Is it just me, or have the music companies started acting like teenagers of the digital music age? In 2001 and up, they were kids, doing what their parents (in this scenario, Apple) told them to do. Things are going well for a few years, then BOOM – they hit puberty, and all of the sudden they have to rebel against the people who raised them and showed them the way (in the digital music space, at least).

Now they’re going off and having permiscuous relationships with other content providers, trying to find the right home…when, ultimately, they’ll come back to iTunes. Apple will make a few concessions and everyone will be at peace with the world again.

Now, on this NBC comment.

While some industry watchers are calling moves by NBC and others “a mistake,” NBC Universal spokesman Cory Shields is quoted in the piece by the Post as saying that his company’s programs are one of the primary factors that help drive sales of Apple hardware.

“The iPod is only as good as the content on it,” he said.

I have to agree – an iPod is only as good as the content on it…and there are lots of places to get GREAT content on your iPod or iPhone.

By his estimation – do you know how is REALLY selling iPod and iPhones for me? Revision 3.

Who needs NBC on their iPod? Not me.

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6 thoughts on “Warners thinking of not upping iTunes Contract, NBC thinks they sell iPods

  1. LOL!

    As long as there is BitTorrent and Limewire, I’m guessing the iPod won’t get any less fantastic. Heck, maybe ThePirateBay.org should claim they’re pushing iPod sales!

    not that I condone stealing digital content, I just think this is all a bunch of crap what the record labels and broadcasters are pulling off.

  2. NBC is a bunch of morons. The majority of the content on iPods is not legal content, music or video. They are only going to end up costing themselves money. I highly doubt anyone is going to go to buy an iPod, realize NBC shows aren’t going to be on it, then say I don’t want this damn iPod without my NBC shows its useless. I encourage them to continue it though, only way they will learn 🙂

  3. Yeah! That’s it!

    It isn’t that the iPod has an incredible UI, or that is easy to use, or that is the best designed portable media player in the history of human kind… no, no… it’s (wait fot it) because NBC has such a great content to offer and every men, women and dog that is watching it is thinking “oh, my goodness!!! I gara have an iPod. Take my money Apple, please.”

    What a Jerk.

  4. Agree…

    I can’t believe that any network would actually think that they are the reason for Apples iPod sales… that is pretty F*cking funny!!!

    Network Execs… Anybody can access ANY of your shows for free and nothing will ever stop that!!! So, you were doing just fine with your advertising dollars and Apple offered you a little extra”petty cash”… Pretty lame thinking guys…

    You need to follow the loyalty trail…

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