Dark Side of the Moon sales are up 350% since going DRM Free. The People have spoken.

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emi-logo.jpgSenior vice president of digital Lauren Berkowitz has confirmed to Macworld UK that sales have been up substantially since the launch of iTunes Plus earlier last month.

For example – Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” sales are up 350% since it became available DRM-Free.

It that isn’t a message to the record labels, I don’t know what is….

Now, I’m sure that some will argue that the album sales are up because the albums are being featured on iTunes more prominently, and that the boost is only temporary, and those people would be right to a point, but this is a very clear message from consumers that they are ready and willing to support DRM-Free music.

The real question is, will the other music labels care? I don’t think they will. Not right now anyway.

Old Media is terrified of new business models that don’t work in the same way as they’ve been accustomed to. I don’t think that’s news to anyone, and I also understand that being “New Media” myself, I obviously have a bias…but it seems clear to me by the actions of the RIAA and the MPAA that they collectively “don’t get it”, and never will.

I applaud EMI for taking this step, and I am relieved to see that people actually are supporting the DRM-Free content.

If you want to take a look at all the iTunes Plus offerings, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Moon sales are up 350% since going DRM Free. The People have spoken.

  1. @Mrad

    Well when it comes to Dark Side of the Moon… EVERYONE should have the WHOLE album.

    You defiantly cant split up a Pink Floyd album.

  2. Don’t forget, you can also run down to your local music store and buy all the DRM free music you can get your hands on. Oh, and they all come with a really nice free jewel case and full color booklet!!

  3. I had two albums in my iTunes collection that were available to upgrade to DRM Free and I did it… not for better quality (cause I cant tell the difference) and not because I wanted to use it more than five times, but because I wanted to support the whole DRM Free movement. I know I can go buy the physical CD at a music store but I prefer shopping from my computer and giving my money to apple. Since I got my Mac and my iPod I’ve bought more music through iTunes in the past 18 months than I have actual CDs in the past 5 years.
    [welcome my son… welcome to the machine…]

  4. Yeah, I know I can go buy a CD, but it costs more, and I have to leave the house….plus, I can’t buy the CD at 2:00 am and the mood strikes me.

    I’d rather give my money to iTunes than to Wal-Mart…

  5. Not to mention the fact that if you just need a track or two, say brain damage & us and them, you have to buy the whole friggin’ album.

    And then you can burn them to a disc, print the artwork and put it in your lovely little jewel case…..

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