Quiz: Which iPod is right for you?

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Blogflux, a part of the Bloggy Network, is in the process of launching a ton of new features. One of them is allowing bloggers to embed custom quizzes into their blogs. I love this feature, and I couldn’t wait to come up with a use for it here on Apple Gazette.

The quiz below should be helpful to those of you that aren’t sure which iPod is the best value for your needs and budget. Let me know what you think!

Which iPod is right for you?

There are a variety of iPods on the market today. So many, in fact, that you might have a hard time deciding which iPod is the one that will fit your needs best. By taking the quiz below, you should be able to decide which iPod will best fit your needs, and give you the best value for your budget.

1. Which is more important to you?

2. Do you want to use your iPod to surf the web, check email, and other application functions?

3. How many songs do you want on your iPod at a time?

4. Is watching video and playing games on your iPod important to you?

5. Where will you primarily be using your iPod?

6. Do you want your iPod in a color other than black or silver?

7. What is your budget for purchasing an iPod (before any applicable tax)?

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6 thoughts on “Quiz: Which iPod is right for you?

  1. it seems that if you pick “compact size” as important, it doesn’t matter what any of the other answers are. even though i wanted 10.000 songs and was willing to pay 400+ bucks it still suggested the shuffle to me. :p

  2. Phil – This is Jacob from BlogFlux

    Different answers can lend different weights to different results, so choosing compact might be the most weighted question to ending up with the shuffle.

    I just took the quiz with compact and at the gym as 2 answers(which would both lend weight to the shuffle), and still ended up with the Touch.

    If anybody has any suggestions for the system just let me know 😀

  3. @Phil

    Did you select that video on your iPod was important to you? Because if compact size is important and video isn’t, then it’s going to suggest a shuffle.


    Do you think that should be changed? I want it to be the best it possibly can.

  4. About that blogflux quiz algorithm, so far so good. The algorithm works fine but I guess if there are any malfunctions, they would be due to mal-selection of questions.

    For me it worked fine and suggested the touch which I do want.

    Flaws with the questionnaire:

    1. Ignored a question like do you carry your ipod with other gadgets or maybe are you a one gadget only in my pocket type of guy? I am suggesting that to either recommend and iphone or a tiny ipod like the new 3G nano or shuffle for carriage with other gadgets.

    2. Ignored podcasts and audiobooks. Answering with a yes could suggest a touch or an iphone since they are superior in handling audiobooks and podcasts much much better than all other ipods combined.

    3. Ignored photos. This goes to the touch and iphone side for sure. They are unmatched here by any other ipod.

    4. Again, ignored having a phone functionality hence the iphone which was called the best ipod ever by his Steveness.

    5. In the question regarding where you primarily use your ipod. “The Car” wasn’t mentioned. A lot of people including me use their ipods in their cars. Why would that matter? Simply because since your ipod will be in its cradle (that’s the way I use) or at least not directly on you then a large size wouldn’t be a problem.


    I liked this post a lot so I decided to share my opinions. I love polls and I hope Apple Gazette would do a lot of them. Very interesting.

  5. The quiz said that the iPod Touch was right for me, and that is exactly why I bought the iPhone, it’s everything that I want in a portable media player and more. I just really wish that I didn’t have to keep my old 5G iPod around so that I could play the games I’ve bought for it (many of the games that I purchased only work on the 5G iPod not the Classic or the Nano).

    Great job on the quiz by the way. But it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to do one on whether someone should purchase the iPod Touch or the iPhone. There are pros and cons of both.

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