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Verizon Will Carry A CDMA iPad

Verizon’s event yesterday squashed years of rumors: the iPhone is finally on Verizon. But what about the iPad? Will a CDMA version of the device exist? According to Verizon, it will. A quote from Verizon’s CFO Francis Shammo to Business Week confirms the carrier will have a CDMA iPad. Verizon will get an embedded chip…

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Possibly the Toughest iPod Dock ever

Built for garages, construction sites, and workshops, this things hard side frame protects your iPod from damage while you listen, and also include several features that you don’t typically find in an iPod dock/case. Sure there are the more common things like an AM/FM radio tuner, but this one goes a step further – not…

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Apple updates Aperture and Garageband

Yesterday Apple released an update to Garageband which should increase the stability of the application, and add additional compatibility with USB devices. Apple also released an update to Aperture, improving stability and a number of other issues relating to publishing to .Mac Web Galleries, the generation (and deletion) of previews, AppleScript, keyboard shortcuts, how metadata…

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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “ESPN ScoreCenter”

The meeting is up…it’s under way…and it’s a home run! That’s right the Cubs have just gone ahead of the Cardinals at Wrigley Field, in Chicago. The score has just changed and this news has magically come from the manually operated scoreboard in Illinois, through the Manhattan office window and into the palm of one’s…

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Children of the Internet. How generations change education

With each passing year, old textbooks and the old-fashioned approach to learning increasingly discourage students from acquiring school knowledge.   In today’s educational institutions, as maths online classes; three generations are represented: baby boomers, generation X, Y, and Z. Not surprisingly, this summation can shock those who do not understand the differences in the world’s…

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