The Future Of iOS: AirPlay Everywhere

Apple may have big plans for AirPlay this year: making it available everywhere.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple may be licensing AirPlay to third parties. Right now device makers pay $4 per audio device for AirPlay support. That could change when Apple licenses AirPlay on a much larger scale. It seems like a natural move for Apple considering the heavy push behind the technology.

What would an AirPlay everywhere future look like? It’d be in your TV, it’d be in your sound system, it’d be in your car and could be in any device that plays back media. By licensing AirPlay to third parties, Apple expands the potential of the content streaming tech while undercutting the AppleTV. Right now the AppleTV acts as the primary receiver of AirPlay content between iOS devices. However, AppleTV buyers aren’t purchasing them solely to use with AirPlay while most iPad/iPhone owners aren’t buying AppleTVs to solely use with AirPlay.

Apple Gazette Team
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