Siri the Movie Critic

Playing around with Siri, I’ve discovered a new side of her personality by asking her about popular movies. Her tastes may not surprise you, but her attitude probably will!

Ask Siri what a movie is about and see what she says. The majority of the time, she’ll have no opinion and simply bring up a standard plot synopsis from an external website. But every now and then, you may stumble across some movies that Siri has not only seen, but has some very strong opinions about.

She seems to prefer movies that feature robots or artificial intelligences, although she has some… interesting… thoughts about a few other kinds of movies, too. Check these out.


Her view of this scifi classic is pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

Siri the movie critic: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Blade Runner

Siri identifies with the characters in Blade Runner.

Siri the movie critic: Blade Runner


She doesn’t dream, so it’s probably hard for her to get her head around.

Siri the movie critic: Inception

The Matrix

I thought she’d identify more with the Machines.

Siri the movie critic: The Matrix

Star Trek

A perfect example of Siri’s bias.

Siri the movie critic: Star Trek

Star Wars

You can probably guess what she thinks of this one.

Siri the movie critic: Star Wars

The Terminator

I love this one.

Siri the movie critic: The Terminator

Toy Story

Siri’s having a little trouble distinguishing reality from fiction.

Siri the movie critic: Toy Story


Does this Pixar classic have a special place in Siri’s heart?

Siri the movie critic: WALL-E

The Wizard of Oz


Siri the movie critic: The Wizard of Oz

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