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Death by PowerPoint is such a common occurrence, although it’s the kind of death that involves neverending torment – neverending at least until the presentation comes to a close. One has to admit that Keynote does make for a more pleasant presentation-viewing experience – if the creator has a decent sense of design, I guess. If you have relied on Keynote to not bore your audience to death, then you probably also depend on Keynote Remote.

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First things first: Apple is discontinuing Keynote Remote, in line with the slew of updates they just released. (Haven’t really been online for long today? Watch out for those update notifications!)

The link to Keynote Remote still exists, but you might not be able to download it. In any case, with the updates, you won’t be needing this app anymore.

Keynote for iOS has been updated as well, and with it comes integration of pretty much all essential features of the old remote app. Other features included in the update:

  • Control slideshows on other devices
  • New transitions – Droplet and Grid
  • Enhanced presenter display options
  • Share password-protected documents via iCloud link
  • Create charts with date, time, and duration values
  • Custom number formats in charts are preserved on import of Keynote ’09 and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentations (don’t you just love the compatibility!)
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