First Leaked Screenshot of iOS 7?

first leaked screenshot of iOS 7

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With less than a week before WWDC, we can only expect speculators to up the ante, and today, we are treated to what just might be the first leaked screenshot of iOS 7.
first leaked screenshot of iOS 7

That’s definitely not the best of images, but it does give us a visual idea of what might be in store for us in iOS 7. The screenshot was released by idownloadblog, who also made a clearer mock up of the icons.

first leaked screenshot of iOS 7


As is with rumors and leaks, it is always wise to take things with a grain of salt (sometimes a bin of salt is better, actually), but the first leaked screenshot of iOS 7 is also being touted to be legit by 9to5Mac, which tweeted the image. We know that this usual suspect has a tendency to get its leaks and rumors right.

There isn’t much to go on, but from what we can see in the images – blurry and cleared up both – the much hyped flat design is there. The good news – at least for me – is that it does not look so bad at all. It is not the flat that you see left and right these days; not totally flat. We would not be wrong in saying that this is Ive’s hand showing itself.

Some other details that we can gather from the screenshot:

  • No more 73 degrees under the sun in the Weather app icon
  • The gloss effect is gone
  • No more icon borders
  • No more diagonal stripes (not a big loss, if you think about it)

The bottom line? The icons look simpler and cleaner. Flatter, if you wish to say that, but not stale like a bottle of soda that has been left opened for hours.

What do you think of the first leaked screenshot of iOS 7? Is it legit? Are you disappointed or somewhat relieved?

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One thought on “First Leaked Screenshot of iOS 7?

  1. I don’t get the point of redesigning the icons. The new doesn’t look any better (or worse) than the old. Seems like a waste of effort. It does not improve functionality or usability.

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