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In spite of the many complaints we hear about Apple products, both hardware and software, we can’t say that iOS 8 has not brought lots of awesome changes with it. One of them is that we can now use third-party keyboards.

Personally, the default keyboard does not pose much of a problem. However, there is something to be said about being able to have some variety. We all know that that’s one of the main things that Android users say about iPhones: Apple is just too restricted and doesn’t allow for creativity and exploration on the user’s part.

In any case, different strokes for different folks, and you obviously know where we, at Apple Gazette, stand.

If you want custom keyboards on your iPhone or iPad, you can opt for individual apps, or you can download the Themeboard app, which is actually a treasure trove of keyboards. You can choose from a host of custom keyboards in one place. With just one app, you can discover different options such as below.

themeboard app



themeboard app

Developed by Taphive GmbH, the Themeboard app also has lots of additional features that make it a rather attractive deal:

  • Emoji Bar. Instead of switching back and forth between character and emoji keyboards like everyone else does, the Emoji Bar co-exists with the rest of the keyboard allowing you to continue typing without the need to switch context to enter an emoji. Tap once on the globe to hide/show the Emoji Bar and tap-hold to switch to other keyboards. You can also rearrange the Emoji Bar from the Themeboard app.
  • Designed for all iPhone sizes (4S/5/5S/6/6 Plus) and iPad.
  • Quick delete with 3 speeds. Accelerates the longer you hold it down (single character/word/10 characters).
  • Double tap a suggestion/correction to automatically insert it followed by a period.
  • Text to Emoji & Kaomoji suggestions. If you type LOL or :D, the laughing emoji will be among the suggestions.
  • User-defined iOS keyboard shortcuts importing. Themeboard will automatically import your Apple keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automatic period upon double space. Will only insert a space if there is a period or space before.
  • Tapping a special character (,.?!-/) automatically inserts a suggestion/correction followed by the special character.
  • Tap-hold Shift then slide capitalization. Tap-hold shift then slide to a character to capitalize it.
  • Responding to url field, numbers and email traits.

Get Themeboard.

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