Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, August 20, 2015

paid ios apps gone free

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Welcome the weekend early with some paid iOS apps gone free.

Today, we’ve got a mix of fun (but perhaps not-so-useful) apps and productivity apps targeted at specific audiences. Enjoy downloading without paying a cent!

Paid iOS apps gone free this week


paid ios apps gone free

“A strange noise-making device.”

If you don’t like strange and tend to avoid silliness, then skip to the next app. But this line got me: “Sounds vary from early Dr Who to world-ending cataclysms.”

Download BeepBoop.

Disney World Magic Guide

paid ios apps gone free

Kids keep bugging you about Disney World? Don’t want to keep throwing your money at Disney? It’s practically an impossible task these days because, admit it, they do make good stuff. But if you want to save a bit, download this guide which will help you navigate the different Disney World parks.

Features include maps, dining guides, wait times, and park hours. It also offers Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Download Disney World Magic Guide.

Audio Guide – Renoir Gallery

paid ios apps gone free

Art lovers, Renoir fans in particular, download this app for free (normally $5.99) and enjoy a guided tour akin to a museum experience. The app showcases of the artist’s most famous work in eye-popping Retina display. It also gives you behind-the-scenes stories and trivia, not to mention being able to download the images to your device and using them as your wallpaper.

Download Audio Guide – Renoir Gallery.

celtx script

paid ios apps gone free

This one’s specifically for scriptwriters, so if you’re one or you know one, go!

With Script you can write properly formatted scripts on your iPhone or iPad, anywhere, anytime.

Script also syncs with your online Celtx studio – so you can backup all your scripts, and work together with your team to plan all your videos and movies.

* Screenplay, AV, Stageplay, Audio Play, and Comic formats.
* Free online backups – protecting your writing from damage or loss of your device.
* Add comments to make script notes to yourself or discuss scripts with partners.

Download celtx script.


free ios apps

Teachers, make your lives easier with this app.

Plan your schedule, track your students’ attendance, set tasks and reminders, grade your students, and so on.

Download iTeacherBook.

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