Adobe will not be exhibiting at Macworld Expo

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In a move that is probably going to be over analyzed by pundits everywhere, Adobe has decided not to have a booth on the show floor of the upcoming Macworld Expo 2009.

The company is not dismissing the entire show, but they have decided to focus on demonstration and education sessions instead.

In previous years the company has had a very large presence at the show, even using the expo to launch products at times. With the most recent update, Adobe CS4, being released in October, you’d think they would have a space available on the show floor for people to try out the new features.

They will be offering a full day of CS4 demos during the event, but that’s just not the same. Adobe did, however, want to make it clear that their reasoning has nothing to do with a shift away from the Mac platform. “The Mac community is very important to us and we will continue our strong support for this platform.”

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  1. …probably because they’re trying to avoid the million “where’s flash for the iphone” questions they’ll get.

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