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Change Your Keyboard’s Look Drastically With Custom Keyboard for iOS 8

custom keyboard for ios 8

With iOS 8 came the capability of changing the default keyboard, and judging by number of keyboard apps that have been – and are being – released, this feature is very much in demand. Not too long ago, we wrote about Themeboard, an app which gives you a host of customized keyboards.

Yesterday, another keyboard app was made available in the iTunes Store. Called Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 (not a very creative name for sure, but as long as it works, right?), the app promises the ultimate in customization.

custom keyboard for ios 8

Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 allows you to tweak everything from color, sounds, shadows, and animation. Plus, the app works even when you’re offline, albeit with limited features.

Other details about Custom Keyboard for iOS 8 you’ll want to know:

* Exclusive backgrounds for keyboard themes: use solid background colors, gradients or your own photos
* Different colors, shades, frames and opacity for key customization
* New great fonts of customizable sizes
* Click sounds and animation
* 40+ language support
* Intuitively faster and more accurate typing
* Works in any app

With the host of customization options that the keyboard offers, it’s totally justifiable to pay $0.99 for Custom Keyboard for iOS 8, especially since it works both on the iPhone and the iPad. Unless you don’t mind the default keyboard.

Do you use custom keyboards, or are you on the default one?

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Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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