Article Disses Steve Jobs, “Reveals” Nasty “Truths”

Steve Jobs

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While doing my daily reading, I stumbled upon this article titled “The nasty things about Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs you probably didn’t know”. That’s link (or click) bait, if nothing else, and I have to admit it got me clicking.

Steve Jobs


I was not sure about the veracity of the article, but there just might be some truth in it, although there are some quite unbelievable things presented. Additionally, nasty is as nasty does, and here, perspective will certainly make a difference.

Some of the “nasty” things about Steve mentioned:

  • Steve Jobs stopped all of Apple’s philanthropic activities 17 years ago. These were never resumed by him, according to the article. Now, read this: Tim Cook exposes the lie that Steve Jobs ignored philanthropy.
  • Steve Jobs used a loophole in the UNOS registration system to get his liver transplant before others. I haven’t been able to verify this, but this about the guy who didn’t go for western medicine? Low blow, I think.

I just have to stop here, as the slideshow is quite difficult to go through. Even though we all know that Steve Jobs has his failings as a person, I don’t think anyone deserves to be written about like this. Then again, I could be wrong. Take a look at the entire article, and speak up!

On another note, if you prefer to look at the positive, here is the ultimate Steve Jobs quote collection.

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