5 Best UK Banking Apps in 2017

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Mobile banking has over the years continued to become a growing trend as more people prefer to access their banking services whenever and wherever they want through banking apps.

If you’re based in the UK, here’s a list of of the best banking apps you can check out.

5 Best UK Banking Apps in 2017

1. Lloyds Banking App

uk banking appsIn the United Kingdom, Lloyds banking app was awarded a top rating of 76 among all other banks by the Forrester’s 2016 report. For a third consecutive year, the app was also rated highest for usability and got the highest score of 74 out of 100 for its functionality. This is because Lloyds benefits from an approach of developing new features hence adding improvements that provide its customers with the best experience. Lloyds banking app has a unique security built-in technology that is meant to keep the customer’s details private and safe:

  • 3-digit secure login – this mainly uses different combinations from the ‘Touch ID’ or memorable information on compatible phones thus making it easy, fast and safe to use.
  • Time-out– this is used to set out the time the app waits before it logs off for security purposes thus enabling customers to move between the apps when they need to.
  • Encryption– this is mainly to keep the customers personal and banking details safe on their phones and banks.

Other features of the Lloyds banking app include:

  • Ability for the customers to view balances on all eligible accounts including mortgages
  • Branch & ATM finder is used to help customers easily find the nearest ATMs and branch showing opening times
  • Making transfers between their different accounts
  • Ability for customers to open new accounts for different banking products, including a side by side comparison of Lloyds different Savings accounts
  • ‘Express Logon’ that allows customers to securely log on the app using only 3 characters from their memorable information
  • Full transaction history on savings, current and credit card accounts
  • Ability for the customers to make payments by selecting contacts straight from their phone contacts, using the new ‘Pay a Contact’ service as part of the PayM scheme
  • Payments to new and existing payees with full transaction limits
  • It shows its customers the spending transactions in the transaction history page thus enabling customers to work out the difference between the actual and available balances in their accounts.

To prevent perceptions of any fraudulent transactions and ultimately their card being blocked, the banking app enables its customers to notify the bank when and where they will be travelling abroad to avoid this.

Customers also receive ‘Everyday Offers’ to view and activate their Lloyds banking app from selected retailers. ‘Everyday Offers’ mainly rewards the bank’s current account holders thus enabling customers to earn cash back on their everyday spending.

Check Lloyds Banking for more information about the app and locations.

2. Santander Banking App

uk banking appsThe Santander banking app has a unique feature that allows its customers to set up alerts that are then pushed to their phones when their bank balance goes over or falls below a certain amount. It also allows customers to report stolen or lost cards easily. The general features include:

  • View and sign up for paperless bank statements
  • Ability for its customers to pay their bills anytime at anyplace
  • Customers get to receive alerts about their accounts, credit cards and payment of bills
  • Enables the transfer of funds between accounts to any United States financial institution and other Santander customers
  • Ability to safely and securely deposit checks from their phones
  • Monitor account activity and balances
  • Allows customers to find the nearest Santander ATM or branch

Check Santander Banking for more information about the app and locations.

3. TSB Banking App

uk banking appTSB banking app has a modern look and it is basically designed to make it easy to use thus making it unique. The other features include:

  • ‘Pay a Contact’ feature allowing its customers to send and receive payments and even access their phone books from the app.
  • Allows a quicker and secure login for its customers by only using 3 characters from their memorable information after the registration process is completed
  • Allows customers to create and make payments to new accounts easily
  • Ability for customers to view their statements conveniently
  • It has a branch and ATM locator allowing customers to find the nearest ATM and branch

Check TSB Banking for more information about the app and locations.

4. Halifax Banking App

uk bank appThe Halifax banking app has these features:

  • Ability for customers to view their transaction history, pending payments and balances
  • Allows customers cancel and view direct debits
  • Delete payments details to a company or person
  • Enables customers to make transfers between their different accounts within the bank i.e. savings and current accounts
  • Has the ability that enables its customers to apply for the bank’s other products
  • Set up an international payment and see the amount it will cost
  • Allow its customers to report their stolen and lost cards easily and even order replacements.

Check Halifax Banking for more information about the app and locations.

5. HSBC Banking App

uk bank appThis app has a unique ‘Touch ID’ feature that enables customers to easily log into the app by just using their fingerprints instead

of a secure key password. It also has these features:

  • It keeps track by sending free weekly and monthly mini account statements
  • Ability to receive and send payments securely to other users by using only their mobile numbers
  • Enables customers to quickly and easily check their balances without logging into the app
  • Ability to transfer money to a payee in their phone contacts easily
  • Allows customers to pay their bills and make transfers right from within the app

Check HSBC Banking for more information about the app and locations.

All these banking apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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