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To commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, which was a turning point in the Gay Liberation Movement in the US, LGBTQ or Pride Month is annually celebrated in the month of June. Thanks to the efforts of so many people fighting for equal rights, more and more people are now able to come out and be who they really are. With progress comes innovation and there are now apps that also cater to the LGBTQ community specifically. Here are some apps worth checking out for the LGBTQ youth.

Apps for LGBTQ Youth


Specifically catering to the LGBTQ community, Taimi is an app where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders will feel fully welcome. It’s the largest LGBTQ platform in the world with over 10 million users. While most people use it as a dating app, you can also find friends and a wholesome community here. Aside from chats, the app also features calls and videos. Similar to social media accounts, you can set up your profile and create stories and posts.

Pride Counseling 

Not everyone has the support they need, especially when they’re just coming out for the first time. If you’re struggling in navigating your path and you’re unsure about what to do and how to address your feelings, Pride Counseling is an app that can help you immensely. This app is specifically made for the LGBTQ community that’s looking for someone who will understand how they’re feeling and where they’re coming from.


Curious about the history of LGBTQ? Quist is an app that provides users with information about LGBTQ and its events throughout history. Each event showcased in this app has a brief description as well as pictures that depict what happened at that time. Relevant links and videos are also posted for every event. This can help the LGBTQ youth understand their community better and more profoundly. You can also search by country, by date, or by keyword in this app.

Refuge Restrooms

One issue that still hasn’t been addressed everywhere is restrooms. Navigating the standard sex-segregated bathrooms anywhere can be rather confusing. Some would even say stressful and dangerous. Refuge Restrooms is an app that helps address this problem by providing users with locations of single stalls and gender-neutral bathrooms. You can even rate existing listings so as to also help fellow individuals choose which ones are good for them. The app promotes safety for everyone, no matter what gender you conform to.


Of course, part of being young is wanting to meet new people and having a good time. OkCupid is an app that allows users to create profiles that can be used to meet either friends or potential partners. Whether you’re looking for something casual or something more long-term, this app will help you find it. It’s LGBTQ-friendly too and you can even set your pronouns when you register. You can even choose whether or not to see or be seen by straight people.


Another app that you can use to meet new friends or potential partners is Bumble. It’s a very popular app whose goal is to create a safe space for people to connect no matter their gender orientation. The women are supposed to make the first move in the app, but if it’s same-sex matches, either person can initiate the conversation. You even have the option of whether or not you wish to display your gender identity to your matches.


Grindr is the biggest social networking app for gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers. Set up a dating profile and you’ll be able to see so many choices that might be your dating type, doesn’t matter whether that’s young or old. It’s pretty easy to register and the app will show the people in your area. If you’re moving to a new city, you can also use the app to check other locations. In case you find something wrong with the person you’re chatting with, you can simply report or block them.


Surge is pretty similar to Tinder where you can either swipe left or right depending on if you like someone. Their motto is “No Labels”, which promotes equality no matter what gender orientation you have. Just be yourself while looking for your ideal partner or match in this app. There’s a limit to the number of potential matches each day but you won’t have to pay for anything to enjoy the features of this app.


For LGBTQ women and girls, one of the most popular dating apps right now is Her. This app is specially designed with lesbians and queer women in mind. Apart from the dating aspect, Her also features LGBTQ news as well as upcoming lesbian and queer events in your area. This app also hosts parties and socials in several cities spread out across the world. It’s all about equality and empowerment with this app, and it welcomes and supports every woman to a safe space that’s Her.


Tired of the usual selfie-swiping? Take a look at this text-focused social and dating app for LGBTQ women and girls called Lex. Aside from dating, you can also use this app to make new friends and even start a band if that’s your thing. You can make real, meaningful connections through Lex, whether that’s through your mutual love of books or even gardening. It’s inclusive so you won’t feel isolated and alone and you’ll get to meet people who share the same interests as you.

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