Apps to Help You Find the Cheapest Gas Stations Near You

Apps to Help You Find the Cheapest Gas Stations Near You

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A few days ago, news broke out about the ransomware attack made against Colonial Pipeline. This headline had a ripple effect, as it created some sort of manic chaos in the US with tons of Americans panic buying gasoline. Some even went as far as panic-overbuying. This resulted in a sudden gas shortage in America.

Due to the shortage of gas supply, gas prices have increased over the next couple of days. Some parts of the east coast are left with minimal supply and it has left citizens looking for ways to fuel up their tank without the heavy cost. Here are some apps that can help you look for gas stations near you and compare their prices.

Apps to Help You Find the Cheapest Gas Stations Near You


The most popular app lately for checking gas prices is GasBuddy. It shows all the gas stations near your location. If you’re specific when it comes to the gas you use, you can also use its search feature to look for specific gas companies. This app is also free to download so anyone can take advantage of its features.

If you’re not sure which gas stations still have fuel in stock, this app will help you locate them so you don’t have to call ahead or drive around to look for one. The app also features a real-time price map and outage tracker so you get to compare prices among different gas stations. In addition, GasBuddy can also help you save up on gas by giving you fuel-efficient routes.

Plus, you can also pay for your gas through the app itself at participating gas stations. If you’re curious, you can also check out the GasBuddy website to see the cheapest gas by state. For future needs, the app also features a fuel demand tracker that estimates gas supply and provides price forecasts.

Google Maps

Another app that you can use – one that you probably already have on your smartphone – is Google Maps. Just open the app and type “Gas Station” in the search bar to see all the gas stations in your area. You can also go to “See nearby places”, tap on “More”, and select “Gas stations”. Depending on the gas station, you may be able to see their current prices posted on Google Maps.

If you only want to know which ones are open, you can utilize the filter feature of the app to only show you the open stores. Google Maps won’t actually tell you which gas stations are empty, but you can check out the gas station’s latest comments and reviews from other users for updates.

Gas Guru

Owned by the Yellow Pages, Gas Guru is an app where you can find the gas prices in your area. The information shown in this app comes from the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), which is a company that offers fuel-pricing services. With this app, you can also filter by gas price, distance, and fuel grade.

Aside from nearby gas stations, the apps can also show you other establishments surrounding the gas stations. This way, you can also run some errands in the area after getting your tank filled up. Plus, Gas Guru also has a friendly interface so users won’t have a hard time navigating the app.

AAA Mobile

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is famous for helping people plan their road trips. If you’re a member of the AAA, one of the benefits you’ll be getting is there will always be someone to help you in case of car emergencies. This includes getting a flat tire or running out of gas. They will send a mechanic or a tow truck to help you with your problem.

Now, they also have an app called the AAA Mobile. It’s an app where users get to see all of the gas stations in your area. In addition, the app also shows users the gas prices offered per gas station. In addition, it can also help users plan their road trips, which the association is known for.


Waze is technically an app that offers real-time traffic and road updates. It can provide users with the best routes based on time or distance. It’s powered by its community made of 130 million users. Aside from giving road updates like speed traps and accidents ahead, the app can also let users know where the nearby gas stations are. In addition, you can also see the gas prices offered by these gas stations.

To avoid using up too much gas, driving at a consistent speed can certainly help. Of course, you also mustn’t exceed the speed limit. Waze helps by giving you sound alerts whenever you exceed the speed limit in the road where you’re driving.


MapQuest provides users with turn-by-turn directions so they won’t get lost on the road. If necessary, you can allow the app to provide you voice-over instructions. It can even show satellite images as well as live vector maps if needed. You get real-time traffic updates through MapQuest so you know which routes to take without wasting gas.

In addition, this app also allows users to see where the nearby gas stations are. Not only that, but MapQuest also allows you to compare gas prices so you can get the best one.

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