What do you think will happen at Macworld?

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The rumor mill continues to attempt to spin on the way to Macworld 2009 next week – but honestly, I don’t think too many people are buying it.

I don’t know if it’s because the rumor stuff has finally “jumped the shark” as it were, or if it’s just that there is a lack of credibility to even the idea of an iPhone nano – I’m not sure sure, but I do know that usually when I bash a rumor as fake at least half a dozen people jump up and tell me I’m an idiot and then explain why it’s absolutely going to happen.

That’s not happening this time (and traffic is UP – so that ain’t it).

Here are the main rumors running around right now – iPhone nano release, updated AppleTV, updated Time Capsule, new iMacs, and so on…

None of it is really sticking as far as rumors normally go. So – What do you think will happen at Macworld?

Will we see ANY of this stuff – or anything at all? Is this Keynote going to be a total let down? AND – do you even care at this point?

Sound off in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “What do you think will happen at Macworld?

  1. For me, the biggest let-down will be the absence of the star of the show…. the “PT Barnum” of the Apple empire, Steve Jobs. For me, the keynote is the jump-start to the climate for the entire event. Weak keynote, ho-hum event overall.

    Sure, Apple will most likely have a few announcements of product updates and whatnot, but that’s secondary to the fact that this is their last Macworld. Ever.

    As one who has participated, exhibited and spoken at several of the conferences over the last 16+ years, I’ve seen the roller coaster ride of “excitement” level over the years and it’s been something, if not “magical” at times. I recall earlier (pre-Jobs) keynotes we a bit mundane and technical – even when we got our first glimpse of the Newton, which itself was amazing (had to have one!) but soon was overshadowed by the Palm and the huge circus that was the Power Computing Army in later years. It wasn’t until the unveiling of the multi-flavored iMacs appeared on stage set to the Rolling Stones, that I experienced a giddy, childish, cult-like “love” for all thing Apple again. That feeling has been waning the past couple years IMO. But now, the light is fading quickly and will soon be out for good.

    What’s Apple have up it’s sleeves? Who knows? Unless they emerge with an open/public version of the WWDC, how will the “love” be spread around?

  2. The keynote will most definitely be a let down. This will be the one year I don’t bother tuning into the live feeds. I’ll wait until Apple puts it live and maybe watch it while I do some other graphical work. As far as rumors, I think the iPhone nano would be a dumb idea, especially if its just a shorter chubbier iPhone. Nano is meant for very small. Ideally it would be thin like the iPod touch and smaller in height. If it had the same resolution as the iPhone but with a more dense screen that would be a nice treat. Also allow for apps to display properly on both devices.

    I personally would love an AppleTV update. A newer enclosure preferably something with black in it, and cross my fingers, 1080p support. However I’d be happy with a bigger internal drive. I need to buy another and have been holding off for hopes of a minor or major refresh before I purchase it.

  3. I can’t believe that nothing new will be forthcoming. As I’ll be at what might be the last (or second to last) Macworld Expo, I’d hate to be totally let down. I do imagine some updates, either in hardware (speed bump), software (iWork), or both. While I don’t own an AppleTV, I would consider the purchase should it have DVR capabilities. I would also like to see updates to the iPhone OS. The obvious frontrunners are copy/paste, voice dialing, push-updating, and VoIP. I’d also like some macros.

    Do I expect an iPhone Nano? I was thinking “no way.” Now, I’m not so sure. It could be a large, developing hoax. One company starts the rumor with a mock-up case, and then other companies follow suit. At any rate, I like the size of my iPhone 3G just fine.

  4. I don’t think the iPhone would make very good nano. The screen is small enough as it is, some say too small. I do not think making it thinner is grounds for calling it a nano either. That would just be an 3rd gen iPhone. Besides, making it thinner and and taking away features starts to blur the line between the iPhone and the Touch. Also, battery life becomes a problem with a nano. Who wants a phone that has 2 hours of talk time? I don’t see Apple doing this. They never cannibalize their product lines. I just don’t see a iPhone nano happening.

    Other than that, the show will go on. For every fanboy that complains about Jobs not being at the keynote, there will be another 100 attendees that don’t give a crap. It’s only the fanboys that are complaining about it. And not everyone that owns a Mac or an iPod is a fanboy. Do you know how many iPhone owners don’t even know Apple make computers? I know, it’s shocking!

  5. I would not be suprised if there was quite a bit about snow leopard as it will be out in 2009. I wonder about an UI update?

    Maybe a 32Gb iPhone?

    Maybe a long awaited mac mini update?

    Their my only thoughts.

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