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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Uproarious “AtomicFart” App

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Three…Two…One…Splat! The sound of a flagellant time-bomb rips through the air in a crowded subway. Almost instantaneously, the entire throng of New Yorkers inside the car leaps aside. A space of a foot around is left encircling the clever iPhone’s owner.

This is the rendered effect of using the free “AtomicFart” application. This custom farting program allows the user to access a large assortment of real noises of breaking wind. Pick the “Duck Stepper” to hear a duck-like spurt, or thumb onto the “Pants Stainer” to lend moisture to the atmosphere.

The “AtomicFart” App even has a timer to dispel gaseous sounds, and one can choose to set the timer, on the iPhone App, so that a motion sensor is invoked; walk away from the mobile “f bomb” and let it blow up an unsuspecting person that happens upon the device at the wrong time.

What could be more fun than picking the “Princess” fart, or the “Polite and Respectful” gust to frame a nearby female, so that everyone thinks she has done the shameless deed aloud. Laughs follow the “Atomic Fart” application wherever it is played with, and kids, young and old, love this uniquely portable gas program.

Grade: A


RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

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