IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “ESPN ScoreCenter”

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The meeting is up…it’s under way…and it’s a home run! That’s right the Cubs have just gone ahead of the Cardinals at Wrigley Field, in Chicago. The score has just changed and this news has magically come from the manually operated scoreboard in Illinois, through the Manhattan office window and into the palm of one’s hand.

Regardless of the unavoidable meeting, class, or motor requiring rewiring, the “ESPN ScoreCenter” App. is one discreet touch away. Once you open the sports wizard on your iPhone there is a complete directory of sports to choose from. After picking which of the plethora is needed, then a page is given to each sport to view up to the minute scores for that day and yesterday; there is even the next day’s games listed and the time that they start too.

This free application for the iPhone allows you to conveniently roll your finger and within seconds move from Major League Baseball scores to NCAA football scores and then on to National Hockey League scores. As an added feature the sports ticker, that ESPN keeps running on their television channel, is at the bottom of every sports page viewed, so that no shred of news that is anywhere in the realm of sports goes unlooked for!

Grade: A
"ESPN ScoreCenter"

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