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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “Facebook”

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Social networking eases onto your iPhone, as though it were your MacBook! One of the many detriments to using social networking sites on a mobile device is that the interface is slow, clumsy and, in short, a shell of what it would be gracing the screen of your home computer. With the latest updates, the “Facebook” application for the iPhone sails swiftly across a sea of myriad waves of your friends, flawlessly.

The latest version of the free App. is so close in appearance to the one for your MacBook Pro, visually, that it is tough to tell them apart. The “News Feed” is an identical, albeit a smaller, look into what foolish mischief your friends and coworkers have gotten into recently. You can now “Like” or “Comment” on something very easily with the seemingly supernatural speed of your fingertip on the “plus” sign.

All of the sections you are familiar with from “Facebook” are here, like the “Profile,” “Friends” and “Inbox” and the way everything is organized seethes intuitiveness. Pictures are uploaded in Milli-seconds by clicking on the camera symbol and the App. constantly updates itself as you move around in it. The only thing “Facebook” is missing is a “Dislike” option.

Grade: A


RJ Huneke

RJ Huneke

7 thoughts on “IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the iPhone Application “Facebook”

  1. yeah the updated one is so much better with the navigation PLUS it loads the friends list faster than the blackberry version

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